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30ml American Made Vape E-Juice /Smoke Drops


Product Description

Cloud 9 30ml bottle: Our finest American Made Full flavor E-juice.

  • - Available in Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla Strawberry, Chocolate, & Cherry flavor
  • - Strengths available are High 2.0%, Medium 1.5%, Low 1% and Zero - Trace nicotine.
  • - Nicotine content: given as a percentage of volume.
  • - Cloud 9 juice is manufactured; exclusively in the US
  • - Ingredients: 1) Vegetable Glycerin 2) Propylene Glycol 3) Water 4) Citric acid 5) Nicotine 6) Natural Flavors 7) 

About Cloud 9 Smoking Juice

Our  E-juice /smoke drops or made with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Our Tobacco flavor juice is flavored with 100% natural tobacco extract from fresh natural tobacco leaves. We do not source our tobacco extract from a third party or use synthetic flavors.

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    Posted by Amy Hines on 28th Apr 2017

    I first started out w/cigalikes, & Cloud 9 happened to be available at a local store at a reasonable price. I never looked back - haven't had a cigarette in over 5 years. During that time, I gradually switched over to more sophisticated equipment, & tried MANY different brands of e-juice, but so far haven't found any brand, cheaper or pricier, that was as good, although I did find a few that weren't bad. One odd thing about this brand is that the nicotine level, to me at least, makes a significant difference in the flavor. For me, although I would prefer 0 nicotine, the high nicotine juices are FAR superior. In most other brands, there is little or no difference. Go figure. The flavors I like are Tobacco & Vanilla, which is especially unusual - a lot of buttery flavor, but enough bite to let you know you're 'smoking,' not eating dessert. Excellent product all the way around.